Normas Seafood and Steak in Seaside OregonWelcome to Norma's

Located just off Broadway in downtown Seaside, Norma's Seafood & Steak offers the finest in fresh seafood and quality ingredients, all in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. We proudly feature local products, including regional wine & microbrews, and our diverse menu offers something to please everyone!


Our commitment to quality

Our menu is driven by customer desires and feedback, and as part of our commitment to excellence we strive to bring to our customers both quality and health. We provide options on how our dishes are prepared, while striving to enhance rather than cover up delicate flavors. We constantly inspect our seafood deliveries, and compare, taste-test and explore different suppliers & sources to ensure you receive the finest available product.

  • We serve only wild salmon
  • We serve only dry pack scallops (all natural)
  • Our Albacore Tuna is sourced from a sustainable and environmentally preferable fishery
  • Our dairy products are of the highest standards and are rBST free (no growth hormones)
  • We use salt very sparingly and never add MSG
  • Our cooking oil is trans fat free, and has been since 2007
  • We us minimally processed, hormone & antibiotic-free Natural Angus Beef for all of our steaks


  • All menu items available to go - including wine & beer!
  • Bio Container Fee: $0.50 per sandwich or chowder, $1 per entree, on all to-go orders
  • Coleslaw, dressings & tartar sauce - available by the pint or quart
  • Chowder (hot & ready to eat) and chowder base - also available by the pint or quart
  • Whole pies available - please order 24 hours in advance

We appreciate you!

As a way to honor our heroes and to say thanks to those who serve our cities, states, and country the following discounts are available year round, all days:

  • Fire: 20% Discount
  • Police: 20% Discount
  • Military Veterans: 20% Discount
  • Military Active Duty Dependents: 20% Discount

dates to watch

  • Mother's Day - Moms eat for 1/2 price!
  • Father's Day - Dads eat for 1/2 price!
  • Veteran's Day - All veterans eat for 1/2 price!
  • Customer Appreciation Day - Everyone eats for 1/2 price!
  • Valentine's Day - Free dessert with dinner!


It is a pleasure to serve you and we welcome your suggestions.
Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and feedback.

~ The staff & Frank family at Norma's