Normas Restaurant in Seaside OregonAbout

Norma’s opened on Broadway in a tiny Seaside restaurant in 1976. Soon visitors and locals alike waited in long lines for their mouthwatering seafood. In 1983 the ever growing restaurant moved from its original location to the present address at 20 North Columbia, less than a block away.

Randy and Darleen Frank purchased the restaurant in early 2001 and re-opened the doors on March 10th. Randy has resided in Seaside since 1965 and has been involved in the food service industry since 1970. Darleen arrived in Seaside in 1976 when the two met while both working at the Crab Broiler restaurant and married in 1982. Daughters Essie and Abby are also involved in various aspects including holding schedules as servers. Both worked through high school and into college where Essie graduated in 2007 and Abby in 2010.

The menu continues to change and is driven by customer desires and feedback; it is much more diverse than it’s been in the past. Randy considers himself an expert on quality seafood and shops daily to see what is available and still personally inspects deliveries. We provide options on how our seafood is prepared while striving to enhance rather than cover up the subtle flavor of most seafood.

In the winter of ‘08/’09 a remodel was completed and the dining room now offers numerous booths and flexible seating arrangements. We will continue to look for ways to enhance the dining experience of our patrons and remain a environmentally conscientious eatery that’s locally owned and operated.